08 Jul 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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Playing catchup:

We arrived in Spokane on June 30th. After learning our limits in the heat, we rode with much more awareness and reverence of the sun. Our ways were changed; we carried more water, sought more shade, and to our own disbelief, we woke up early.

Spokane greeted us with a shower and an afternoon cup of coffee. This city knows us well.

Returning to Seattle so soon felt like a set back, though it was the plan from the very start. Traveling back over the valleys and mountains, that connect Spokane and Seattle, by bus felt unnatural. The five hour bus ride accomplished what we had spent the last nine days sweating, swearing and sweltering in order to do. This reinforced my thoughts that technology has created a disconnect between people and the land.

Home is alway good though. It was like we had never left. Routines of home quickly fell back into place and our joints slowly begin to forget we had just ridden 400 miles.

If you are considering a bicycle tour, I do not recommend returning home part way through the trip. I say this only because in over half of the interactions you have, you will be the question "shouldn't you be on a bike right now?" Just a fair warning.

After nine great days of seeing good friends, Roman Candle fights, and celebrating our wonderful couple, we are back in Spokane with a long road ahead of us.