11 Jul 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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Idaho came and went quickly. We split the 90 miles of riding from Spokane, WA to Sandpoint, ID into two days, and by the third day we were in Montana.

As we resumed our tour out of Spokane, we took it sure, unsure how our bodies would respond after the hiatus. I could practically feel the cobwebs falling off as I rode. We landed at our Warmshowers host in Hayden, ID after 40 miles of easy riding. Larry and Janet were avid cyclist (as their WS bio reads) and incredibly knowledgable. Larry's garage was as stocked as most bike shops, so had to luxury of cleaning our chains on a real bike stand. What a treat! (For non-bikers reading this, that is not sarcasm.) Larry had no shortage of stories, about biking, hockey or any of his other adventures. He'd occasionally cut you off mid story because it reminded him of a better one. I was happy to listen and was tired of talking about our trip. We woke up early at the promise of biscuits and scrambled eggs. They were delicious.

We also broke Larry and Janet's ceramic flamingo almost as soon as we stepped into the house. They kindly acted like they didn't mind.

We left early the next day and rode 45-50 miles into Sandpoint today with friends of friends. Sandpoint made me like Idaho. It was one of the best days yet, we swam twice and had burritos twice. Turns out that's the way to my heart. We left feeling like good friends with our hosts and look forward to seeing them again. If anything this trip is broadening our community.

As we road along the lake out of Idaho we stopped to watch a mama moose and her pup go for a swim. Hell of a thing.