14 Jul 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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Guest Post by Kyle Andrews

We've all agreed that a day's rest does us good. Our nine day straight excursion through Washington was productive, but running on empty into Spokane left us dreading our next day of riding. It was a mistake we wouldn't make again.

We decided on a day off in Kalispell, just Southwest of Glacier National Park. The ride into town was split up into sections: tame hills of golden grass, the grasshopper infested valley, a descent to Lake Flathead, and the bike trail into town. We found refuge at Lance and Shelley's house through our favorite tool, Warm Showers. What a fun environment! There were ribs being smoked when we arrived, and Lance's home brewed beer had already been poured for us. A stone pizza oven, a house-less porch, and a large teepee filled our living space in the yard.

Our day off allowed a few more indulgences than we're used to. Meeting some locals in the coffee shop is about as productive as I got. Turns out all the things I thought I'd get done got pushed back a little further. I was just having too much fun doing as little as possible in Kalispell.

Starting again on our bikes brought a new kind of rest. Our good friend Brooks took the day off and set out from Great Falls to meet us in Glacier National Park. Both new and old stories filled the spaces between the beauty of the Park. Any sense of home brings comfort, and Brooks brought it. We're so used to talking to strangers, which requires a little more tact. There's rejuvenation in goofing off with a friend from home.