21 Jul 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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It's a two day ride from Helena to Bozeman: 100 miles.

Our first day was an uneventful ride into Toston, MT that some people consider a town. The word uneventful has a negative connotation, it shouldn't. Uneventful days are welcomed when It could be eventful days of headwind and rain.

Toston gave us the willies. There is one bar in "town" and dozens of construction workers living there temporarily in RVs as they repave the road. There were too many men living in one place with not enough regulations or women to keep them in check.

We added three to the population that night as we slept next to the volunteer fire station. We built a make shift brick oven to cook our chicken in. It didn't work.

Our second day was eventful. We were met with headwind, road work, rain and little fun. Our saving grace was Rock Port Coffee Roasters in Bozeman. We shed our wet clothes and drank way too much coffee; who could complain about such a thing?

I should mention we had 10 miles of beautiful weather as we road along an I-90 frontage road. We even pulled out our mini speaker. We ran into a cyclist heading the opposite direction as "Girls just wanna have fun" played over the speaker. He was into it. We've met very few cyclists so far that we never quite know what to say to them. As we rode away we regretted not asking him what he has for lunch every day. Is everyone eating as much tuna as we are?