21 Jun 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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Leaving home is never fun for me. It's practically irresponsible not to love well in your community, and love so well that you don't really want to leave. I felt so loved this week as we did all of our send off activities, and having my whole family come say goodbye made me feel their love for me. I already miss these people immensely. Yet we are going on what could be the trip of a lifetime...and I'm terrified.

Maybe I'm no good at the adventurer lifestyle, they certainly never talk about being afraid in all those Patagonia films. Maybe those guys are just stoked all the time, but to me I think it must be an act. It's natural to be nervous; at least, that's what I'm telling myself. I hear leaving is where the growth happens, that seems right. As a cheesy metaphor would put it: a caterpillar leave its protective cocoon in order to turn into a butterfly. Maybe I'll will become a butterfly, but right now I miss my cocoon.

We rode 55 mile from Seattle to Coupeville on Whidbey Island, leaving us further from Maine than when we started. It was a tough day for everyone, and the grandiose adventure this was a week ago, that made us sound wild and courageous, has worn off and reality has met us on the road. We have a long road ahead of us. The group is struggling to hide their nervousness of the mountain passes, that lie ahead, from one another.

The first door we knocked on that evening let us sleep in their beautiful yard, we cooked brauts and slept immediately.