23 Jul 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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We would later find out that Livingston, MT is the second windiest city in the U.S., at the time, we just thought we had gotten really good at riding bikes.

We road like hell out of Livingston. We covered 60 miles in just over 3 hours of riding time. We had our highest average speed yet of 18 mph. There were times when we were going uphill at 28 mph! We were riding in I-90 for the first time and had the wind at our back the entire day. Though our riding time was only 3 hours, the journey from Livingston to Reed Point took us 7 hours. As a group we had 7 flat tires in that 60 mile stretch. I went the first 1000 miles without a flat, and had 3 in one day. I must have forgotten to knock on wood. We quickly found that small wires from blown out truck tires that were invisible on the road were the cause of our deflated attitudes.

We spent our 4 hours off of the bikes changing tubes, patching tubes and pulling wired from the tires. By the end of the day we were all riding on tubes that had at least one patch on it, and had given ourselves new nicknames: J.P. Patches, Patch Adams and Patches O'Haulihan . We were getting really good patching tubes.

We rolled into town with zero confidence in our tires but a river to sleep next to, so we were happy. We fished, swam and had a fire. Happy boys.

Photos: Changing flats and patching tubes on the side of I-90//our riverside camp in Reed Point//tuna melts and tomato soup for dinner