27 Jun 2015

Boys Of Summer by zachely


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Guest Post by Kyle Andrews

If you're lost you can look and you will find me, climb after climb

This week has been full of climbing. Before the trip even started, I had anxiety about reaching the base of the mountain. Such a steep climb and still so fresh of a trip. We played it safe and decided to split it up into two days.

Resting and rehydrating were almost exclusively done in the shade, it was a waste of energy not to. We had heard that the trailhead taps weren't functioning this summer, so Jeff's water purifier was a necessity. Any stream we could find meant break time.

Easy Pass, Rainy Pass, and then finally the climb was over when we reached Washington Pass. What a reward to see the beauty up close, having saw it in an unattainable fashion below. We cruised all the way down to Mazama, hardly a pedal necessary. On the way down we passed our first cyclist of the trip; he ended up being one of my old customers at Herkimer! Good to see Mike.

A super useful tool we've been using is an app called Warm Showers. It connects us with houses that are willing to shelter bike tours for free. That night we stayed in Winthrop at the Sullivans' and ate way too much pizza and ice cream downtown. After our night of indulgence, we woke up ready for a well earned easy day, post Cascades. As we walked outside the house and met Mrs. Sullivan for the first time, she exclaimed "Oh, you guys have the Loup to ride today?" We decided to reschedule our rest day because Loup Loup was one last mountain we had to conquer. We did, and our night at Heather's in Okanogan yielded plenty of rest. Climb after climb.