13 Jun 2014

Utah by abbieredmon


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We woke up EARLY (like, 4:15 a.m. early) to make it out into Arches for sunrise.

It was worth it.

(Hint: Sunrise is always worth it.)

There was a group of four people who'd just beaten us to the parking lot when we arrived, but no one else showed up until a MASSIVE tour bus pulled in about eight minutes before the sun came up over the horizon. It seemed to be mostly older folks, with their tripods and adventure vests, and since they were all chatting and making noise, it ruined the serenity of the sunrise moment a bit.

Still, what a location.

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On our way out to the park for sunrise, we'd scarfed some fruit, hard-boiled eggs, and a Clif bar each, but we were ready for second breakfast as we drove back through Moab.

We each got a smoothie here, and I had the huevos rancheros, which was pretty good but had a LOT of beans and a LOT of cilantro on it. They have some unique smoothie flavors -- one of the ones we ordered had cinnamon in it!

Obvs, no photos :)

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For sunset, we drove out to Canyonlands, and damn.


Such epicness has not been seen before by mine eyes.

The photos really don't show the scale. I was in awe. Everyone needs to see something like this every once in a while -- to remind us how small we really are; how much we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. How grand our planet is. How constant change is, and how short our lives are compared to the life of Earth.