23 May 2014

Utah by abbieredmon


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I made it just over the state line into Wendover, Utah, last night, which meant I was able to wake up ass-early to check out the Bonneville Salt Flats at sunrise.

Well, I missed sunrise EXACTLY, but the light this morning was still really beautiful. And I was the only one out there!

I didn't venture too far, because I was a little nervous being by myself, but I saw enough to see how much potential this place had. I wished I'd had someone with me to take pictures of! I felt like that beautiful light was being wasted.

Definitely a unique spot. What a space. I'd love to come back.

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Since I woke up really early, I got to Salt Lake City really early, which means...


I wandered into a fancy hotel on Main Street and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at their restaurant, The Coffee Shop: oatmeal with brown sugar and a side of fruit.

When they brought the bill, they said I could charge it to my room, but I was all, Heh, it's okay... MasterCard?

Then I left.