24 May 2014

Utah by abbieredmon


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When I arrived at the B&B yesterday, I jumped straight to work. Phyllis, the owner, gave me a quick tour of the house, and I helped her make a couple of beds and clean up the kitchen. She had four groups of people arriving later to spend the night. Talk about a time crunch!

We got everything done, though, and this morning we set to work making breakfast for only five people, since one of the parties was going elsewhere for breakfast.

With the help of her friend Pam, Phyllis and I made:

a tofu scramble (for some vegetarians in the group!)
scrambled eggs
toast with butter and jam

Everyone seemed to enjoy it, so... success!

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I was fortunate enough to arrive on the weekend Spring City has its annual historic homes tour.

After making breakfast for the guests, I headed down to Main Street to buy a ticket for the walking tour.

There were about 20 homes and shops on the tour. The houses were really unique and beautiful. Most of them had the most gorgeous wood floors!

I also went into a couple of art galleries, and also the workshop of a man named Jock Jones who makes hand-crafted Windsor chairs. Now THAT was cool. He's old-school, using all hand tools to make the most beautiful chairs, benches, and stools.

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While I was in town for the historic homes tour, I saw they were doing a live recording of a local weekly radio show at 6:30 p.m. Tickets were $10, so I bought one.

I've always kind of wanted to go to a live taping of a radio show, so I was really excited about it!

It was really similar to "A Prairie Home Companion" -- Spring City's show is called "Life Under the Horseshoe," and it's drama, stories, and music. Really clever and professional.

They apparently use (and alter) stories that locals send in, so you can email them with a story about your family, or something interesting that has happened in the area, and the writers may include it (or a version of it) in a future show -- pretty fun!

The sound guy was hilarious, too. During the drama skit, someone was supposed to shoot a gun. After a couple of vigorous attempts to shoot the toy gun the sound guy had, he realized it wasn't working, so he just shouted "BANG!" -- and everyone in the room completely lost it. The actors, the host, the audience, the sound guy himself -- we were all dying. It was hilarious!

Such a fun time!