04 Jul 2014

San Francisco by abbieredmon


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After briefly stopping by a friend-of-a-friend's un-fun BBQ in Lower Haight (and eating some delicious baked beans, actually), we fled back to the Mission and hunkered down at Southern Pacific Brewery for the rest of the day.

And enjoyed a few pitchers of margaritas, obviously, because tequila is what you drink when you want to celebrate America, dammit!

ALSO, two things about the food here:

1. The brussels sprouts are amazing.
2. The pizza with sweet corn and bacon was absolutely WORTH breaking my accidental 6-month streak of not eating pizza. That pizza is what's UP.

We had an invite to watch the fireworks from a friend's rooftop by Embarcadero, but none of us could really be bothered. Plus, it was a bit foggy. So we sat upstairs at the brewery, ate and drank gluttonously, and actually saw a few unofficial fireworks displays throughout the Mission through the huge front windows.

I'm gonna go ahead and call the day an unconventional success.

Also, tequila.