05 Jul 2014

San Francisco by abbieredmon


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Heath Ceramics is an awesome modern ceramics store with an attached coffee shop in the Mission.

The dishes are gorgeous, and they are also expensive. You can buy a single coffee mug for $35, or one of the $400 placemats we saw. They also sell a few home furnishings, some stemware, and a few little bags and books and things. Also $13 chocolate bars.

We wandered (carefully), tried out the stretched leather hide chairs and the $7,000 bean bag chair, then were on our way.

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Olle is my new friend from Stockholm who is here in SF for a couple of years doing his post-doc research on cancer cells at UCSF.

He took me to the lab where he works and showed me some of the cells he is experimenting with right now. It had been a very long time since I last looked through a microscope! Probably high school.

We also dropped some dry ice in water and watched it smoke -- just for funsies.

This building has an awesome atrium with microscope-kind of scenes plastered all over the walls, so obviously I had to take Olle's portrait in front of them.

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After an awkward Uber ride with a brand-new Uber driver who knew nothing about San Francisco and turned the wrong way down a one-way street, Olle and I miraculously arrived at the Fillmore Street Jazz Festival.

It stretched for at least ten blocks and was basically amazing.

We started with corn on the cob, then Olle snagged an oyster and we shared crab cakes, then I insisted on buying a bag of kettle corn, because... kettle corn.

We had a drink, heard some great music, and did a little people-watching. There were three or four main stages, and they hosted some great acts. But on our way out at the end of the day, we stumbled across an unofficial little band playing in the street, and they were so much fun! This is what I love about music festivals -- the side street acts that are often better than the featured bands. The French Quarter Festival in New Orleans was the same; we saw some of the best music away from the main stages.

Apologies for the out-of-focus selfie!