16 May 2014

San Francisco by abbieredmon


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Merideth and Justin both took off work today so we could spend the day together in San Francisco before I pedal off for Climate Ride tomorrow.

We started out at Sutro Baths -- I cannot wait to come back to this place at sunset. What a spot! Really cool ruins, great views of the Pacific (and a peek at the Golden Gate), and just an overall blustery end-of-the-world feeling. Kind of like a mini-version of what I felt in Sagres, Portugal.

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We needed lunch, and this Korean BBQ place was nearby and highly rated on Yelp -- so of course, we checked it out.

We were the only ones in the restaurant the whole time, but it was really delicious! A few things I stayed away from (tiny whole fish?!), but the BBQ was incredible, and everything else we ordered on purpose (haha) was awesome, too. I've never had upwards of 25 tiny plates on my table at a meal before, ha!

No photos, duh. #hungry