28 Oct 2018

Expedition To Emperor Penguins by Maureen


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I assume we made our scheduled departure from King George Island this morning as we started our journey back across the Drake. It’s been sunny all day, so we are missing the storm, but it has been very rock-and-roll-y. My seasickness hasn’t been horrible unless I focus on something (then the nausea comes over me), but I decided “better safe than sorry” and would rather not chance injury or sickness by leaving my cabin. I’m not needed anywhere. My cabinmate has ventured in and out of the cabin all day and she comes back complaining of how exhausting it is fighting against the movement of the ship. Like on the way down to the penguin colony, my reply is “no, thank you.” I haven’t been hungry, but Anita has been bringing me cheese and bread from the meals — she’s so sweet.

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