29 Aug 2013

Minnesota by michelle


Star 1


Always have a slight preference for Starwood Hotels, Le Meridiens might be our new favorite over W Hotels. Stylish, yet sophisticated, not trendy. Maybe we're just getting old.

Service was so nice and the room and hallways were brightly white.

The restaurant had a nice outdoor space - and the evening weather was perfect to enjoy it.

Location was convenient to restaurants within walking district and my favorite store - Target.

Would definitely stay here again. Especially if we get a $80 rate again.

Star 0


Quickly picked this place for dinner on the way in from the airport.

Criteria: First listing in Yelp when searching for "foie gras." Also, had 4.5 stars and enough reviews.

Verdict: Food was good, but nothing unique, coming from SF or NYC. Foie was properly seared. But served on a lardon salad with a battered and fried soft poached egg. Tasty, but overwhelmed the flavor of the foie.

Also enjoyed the sweet and sour crab salad. Waitress described it as a spring roll without the wrapper. And was accurate. Chunks of crab mixed with Shredded cucumber, herbs and a dressing very much like Vietnamese nước chấm. Will try to make it at home.

Service was excellent. They graciously accommodated the stroller. And when they made a mistake on our order and accidentally included an allergen, multiple people apologized and they comped our 3 drinks and the dish.

Scene: Slightly upscale, cozy wood bar.