30 Aug 2013

Minnesota by michelle


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Looking for decent coffee, found this place on Yelp.

Thoroughly enjoyed their double chocolate sea salt cookie. First vegan cookie that tasted like a REAL cookie. Sadly, gobbled both of them up before thinking about taking a pic. More sadly, they didn't have any the next day.

They also had "cro-knots". Cheated on my no-dairy restriction and had a bite. It tasted like just a good fluffy donut. But nothing special. Wonder if the original in NYC is better.

Even though I couldn't eat anything - I went overboard getting stuff for family. The donuts looked so good and cupcakes had interesting flavors - like Curry Lime Coconut, which really tasted like curry powder!

Coffee was drinkable, which sounds like a negative comment, but since I drink it black, no milk or sugar, it's a compliment.

Star 2


Picked this place off Eater's essential 18 list since it was 2 blocks from our hotel. No res, but they seated us right away at a corner bench/booth table - perfect for the lil guy sleeping in his car seat.

Known for their house-cured meats and sausages, we got a smattering of snacks:
- plate of charcuterie: Turkey Braunschweiger, Texas Wild Boar Ham, Wild Boar Head Cheese, Rabbit Rillette - my fav, Rooster Terrine; came with delicious house made crackers
- wild boar hot link: really spicy! but tasty
- caramelized broccoli
- smoked olives
- fried green tomatoes
- Fulton Lonely Blonde Ale: light but flavorful beer that went well with the saltiness and spiciness of the food

I think this place was a James Beard semi-finalist, but we certainly enjoyed it more than 112 Eatery. The food was just more unique.

They also have an extensive bourbon selection and an outdoor beer garden - always a winner in our book.