By michelle

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Always have a slight preference for Starwood Hotels, Le Meridiens might be our new favorite over W Hotels. Stylish, yet sophisticated, not trendy. Maybe we're just getting old.

Service was so nice and the room and hallways were brightly white.

The restaurant had a nice outdoor space - and the evening weather was perfect to enjoy it.

Location was convenient to restaurants within walking district and my favorite store - Target.

Would definitely stay here again. Especially if we get a $80 rate again.

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Quickly picked this place for dinner on the way in from the airport.

Criteria: First listing in Yelp when searching for "foie gras." Also, had 4.5 stars and enough reviews.

Verdict: Food was good, but nothing unique, coming from SF or NYC. Foie was properly seared. But served on a lardon salad with a battered and fried soft poached egg. Tasty, but overwhelmed the flavor of the foie.

Also enjoyed the sweet and sour crab salad. Waitress described it as a spring roll without the wrapper. And was accurate. Chunks of crab mixed with Shredded cucumber, herbs and a dressing very much like Vietnamese nước chấm. Will try to make it at home.

Service was excellent. They graciously accommodated the stroller. And when they made a mistake on our order and accidentally included an allergen, multiple people apologized and they comped our 3 drinks and the dish.

Scene: Slightly upscale, cozy wood bar.

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Looking for decent coffee, found this place on Yelp.

Thoroughly enjoyed their double chocolate sea salt cookie. First vegan cookie that tasted like a REAL cookie. Sadly, gobbled both of them up before thinking about taking a pic. More sadly, they didn't have any the next day.

They also had "cro-knots". Cheated on my no-dairy restriction and had a bite. It tasted like just a good fluffy donut. But nothing special. Wonder if the original in NYC is better.

Even though I couldn't eat anything - I went overboard getting stuff for family. The donuts looked so good and cupcakes had interesting flavors - like Curry Lime Coconut, which really tasted like curry powder!

Coffee was drinkable, which sounds like a negative comment, but since I drink it black, no milk or sugar, it's a compliment.

Star 2


Picked this place off Eater's essential 18 list since it was 2 blocks from our hotel. No res, but they seated us right away at a corner bench/booth table - perfect for the lil guy sleeping in his car seat.

Known for their house-cured meats and sausages, we got a smattering of snacks:
- plate of charcuterie: Turkey Braunschweiger, Texas Wild Boar Ham, Wild Boar Head Cheese, Rabbit Rillette - my fav, Rooster Terrine; came with delicious house made crackers
- wild boar hot link: really spicy! but tasty
- caramelized broccoli
- smoked olives
- fried green tomatoes
- Fulton Lonely Blonde Ale: light but flavorful beer that went well with the saltiness and spiciness of the food

I think this place was a James Beard semi-finalist, but we certainly enjoyed it more than 112 Eatery. The food was just more unique.

They also have an extensive bourbon selection and an outdoor beer garden - always a winner in our book.

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Willows is billed as "luxury condominiums," but the only thing worth the price is the lakefront location with gorgeous views of Lake Pepin. Accommodations themselves are pretty basic - ugly floral bedspread, requisite velour blanket, stain-hiding carpeting.

Oh, but the views are great. And the suites are pretty spacious. The lakeside grill and patio are nice touches. Just wish the linens and such didn't feel so budget. Certainly better than the AmericInn down the road, though.