19 May 2022

A TRIP TO STRASBOURG by classe3alsa


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The meeting is at "porta venezia" at half past seven a.m.
After putting our bags in the bus, we are ready to leave for the trip.
The journey lasts seven hours.
When we arrive at Switzerland, we're having our lunch at a service station; a packed one ( sandwich, apple, cheese...).
After the break, on again with our trip.
We're supposed to arrive at Strasbourg at three o'clock p.m.

- by Cesare Aldovini and Riccardo Bini

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Once at Strasbourg, we're going to our hotel at about 3 p.m.
After the check-in, we're putting our suitcases into our rooms and then we're going out sightseeing the city.

We prefer staying in the centre of Strasbourg, where we're visiting Klebér square. Then, we're relaxing sitting at a cafè...After a long and exhausting journey.

Then back again to the hotel to take the tickets for our boat ride, followed by some free time.

- by Marleny Dusi and Andrea Missorini

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After the tour of the city, we're going to the shop where it is possible to buy tickets for the boat ride. ️ ️

Despite the tiring journey, we are all very excited!

The boat is operated by "Batorama". It's a really nice little closed boat. The captain is here to welcome us and help us to get on, while inside we're meeting our guide.

We're starting from San Paolo, a Protestant church, in the historic centre of Strasbourg, with two beautiful spires and stunning stained glass windows. The tour continues as the guide is explaining what we can see by looking at our right and left.

We are all taking pictures when the Parliament appears in front of us: from the outside, the building looks majestic. And the thought that tomorrow we're going to visit it, makes us happier!

After passing a dam, the boat enters the Petite France area and passes several Ponts Couverts.

The whole thing lasts about 1 hour and 15.

What a wonderful experience! We are all satisfied, but tiredness is beginning to be felt! So we're going back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

We're eating in a restaurant near the hotel. We are really enjoying it!

After dinner, we're going back to our rooms.

It is 10 p.m. now and we're all going to fall asleep right away to be ready the next day to visit the Parliament.

- by Chiara Cantarelli, Luna Sbernardori and Filippo Federici