21 May 2022

A TRIP TO STRASBOURG by classe3alsa


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On the last day of our trip we're waking up at 7:00 a.m., we're putting everything we had used during the night in our suitcases and we're getting ready.

We're all going for breakfast together in our hotel and since the day is going to be long, we're having a hearty breakfast.

After breakfast, we're leaving the hotel and we're taking the bus and in just over an hour we're in Colmar: a city in Alsace, which is a real complex medieval town planning with a centre characterized by half-timbered architecture with many buildings that catch people's attention.

Among the various buildings and monuments, we're visiting the Cathedral of San Martino, one of the most important examples of Gothic architecture in the region. With our art teacher, we're analyzing its characteristics.

After the first part of the exploration of the city, we're splitting into groups for lunch. Many of us are having lunch in a typical restaurant in the city: the food is really great!

Then, we're continuing with the exploration: we're really enjoying the city.

- by Francesco M. Frigeri, Leonardo Ardoli and Matteo Tadioli