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The meeting is at "porta venezia" at half past seven a.m.
After putting our bags in the bus, we are ready to leave for the trip.
The journey lasts seven hours.
When we arrive at Switzerland, we're having our lunch at a service station; a packed one ( sandwich, apple, cheese...).
After the break, on again with our trip.
We're supposed to arrive at Strasbourg at three o'clock p.m.

- by Cesare Aldovini and Riccardo Bini

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Once at Strasbourg, we're going to our hotel at about 3 p.m.
After the check-in, we're putting our suitcases into our rooms and then we're going out sightseeing the city.

We prefer staying in the centre of Strasbourg, where we're visiting Klebér square. Then, we're relaxing sitting at a cafè...After a long and exhausting journey.

Then back again to the hotel to take the tickets for our boat ride, followed by some free time.

- by Marleny Dusi and Andrea Missorini

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After the tour of the city, we're going to the shop where it is possible to buy tickets for the boat ride. ️ ️

Despite the tiring journey, we are all very excited!

The boat is operated by "Batorama". It's a really nice little closed boat. The captain is here to welcome us and help us to get on, while inside we're meeting our guide.

We're starting from San Paolo, a Protestant church, in the historic centre of Strasbourg, with two beautiful spires and stunning stained glass windows. The tour continues as the guide is explaining what we can see by looking at our right and left.

We are all taking pictures when the Parliament appears in front of us: from the outside, the building looks majestic. And the thought that tomorrow we're going to visit it, makes us happier!

After passing a dam, the boat enters the Petite France area and passes several Ponts Couverts.

The whole thing lasts about 1 hour and 15.

What a wonderful experience! We are all satisfied, but tiredness is beginning to be felt! So we're going back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

We're eating in a restaurant near the hotel. We are really enjoying it!

After dinner, we're going back to our rooms.

It is 10 p.m. now and we're all going to fall asleep right away to be ready the next day to visit the Parliament.

- by Chiara Cantarelli, Luna Sbernardori and Filippo Federici

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We're waking up at 7.30 a.m. and we're getting ready quickly. Then we're all going down to have breakfast in the shared room inside the hotel.
After having breakfast, we're leaving the hotel and we're heading to the bus to go to the European Parliament.

When we're arriving at the Parliament we're going to do all the necessary security checks, as in an airport, and then, at around 10.30, we can finally enter it.

At first, we're waiting in the Parliamentary hall for our English guide. When she's arriving we're moving to the Parlamentarium Simone Veil with an extraordinary 360º screen, touch-screen tables and a role-playing game to better understand the role of the European Parliament.

We're playing it, too! Our guide is dividing us into fictitious political groups within two committees to negotiate new legislative acts among us.

Through this game, we understand that it is tough to make important decisions, for example about climate change, especially when our opinions aren't the same.

After this activity, lasted 2 and a half hours, we're going back to our hotel.

In the Parliament, plenary sessions take place, too, but we aren't attending them because for today there isn't any meeting.
Normally the Hemicycle hosts the most important debates of the European Parliament and it is the place where many votes of historic significance have been held. Moreover, some special sittings are also held with guests of honour of the European Parliament, such as heads of state, Sakharov Prize winners or other public figures, who address the plenary.

- by Giulia Saccà, Sofia Solci, Veronica Veronesi and Arianna Pisaroni

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After lunch, we're going sightseeing the historical part of the city divided into classes. We're with our Art teacher. She's going to be our tourist guide for a day.

At first, we're going to visit the CATHEDRAL OF THE CITY ⛪, known as Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg. It was built between 1015 and 1419 in gothic style.

Outside it's very very tall and it looks light and pretty with its more than a hundred statues. But when you enter the cathedral, our teacher told us, you are even more amazed. Probably because of the calm atmosphere, its colourful stained glass windows and its astronomic clock.

Then we're going to our favourite place: ROHAN PALACE. We like it because it's similar to the Palace of Versailles, so it gives us a 'royal feeling'.
The Palace is near the river Ill and there is an amazing view from it.
Inside it there are three museums:
- Museum of fine arts with a huge collection of popular Italian artists, like Giotto and Raffaello;
- Museum of decorative arts;
- Archaeological Museum.

Then, after visiting many monuments in the city, we're relaxing in Petite France. Most of us are going to the GALERIES LAFAYETTE for shopping✨ and girls and boys are separated.

In the end, we're meeting at 7 o'clock to have dinner at a
characteristic restaurant.

We suggest you to come and visit Strasbourg because you will have a great time and in our opinion, it will win your hearts, as it has already happened to us. ❤️

- by Priya Kumari , Federico Boni, Costantino Tabacelea and Diego Quarantani

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On the last day of our trip we're waking up at 7:00 a.m., we're putting everything we had used during the night in our suitcases and we're getting ready.

We're all going for breakfast together in our hotel and since the day is going to be long, we're having a hearty breakfast.

After breakfast, we're leaving the hotel and we're taking the bus and in just over an hour we're in Colmar: a city in Alsace, which is a real complex medieval town planning with a centre characterized by half-timbered architecture with many buildings that catch people's attention.

Among the various buildings and monuments, we're visiting the Cathedral of San Martino, one of the most important examples of Gothic architecture in the region. With our art teacher, we're analyzing its characteristics.

After the first part of the exploration of the city, we're splitting into groups for lunch. Many of us are having lunch in a typical restaurant in the city: the food is really great!

Then, we're continuing with the exploration: we're really enjoying the city.

- by Francesco M. Frigeri, Leonardo Ardoli and Matteo Tadioli