9:00 am

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I'm writing this post on my Airasia plane, currently on standby, that is going to take me to Colombo after a quick layover here in Kuala Lumpur. I could get used to the cute flight attendants with their tight red uniforms. I sure hope we don't get anymore delayed because I'm starving and would really love to have my first Sri Lankan meal soon. Other than the emptiness in my stomach, I feel really good. I left Melbourne pretty lightheaded and I can recall for a brief moment that I was unsure of what I am about to do but my head has wrapped itself out of that distracting thought. I'm finally travelling once again. The wilderness is in me and it kept my heart beating fast. Living life on the road and out of a backpack. Seeing, feeling, eating new things. The waiting abruptly comes to an end as the plane finished refuelling and the passengers, hardly any foreigners in sight, are all seated and ready to get out of here. Sri Lanka, I'm coming for you.

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