3:00 pm

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When my shirt got fully drenched in sweat, I knew had to get out of there. The stifling heat is the first thing that hits you. Next would be confusion and frustration as you try to get by with speaking English. As the noise of the city grows louder by the second, you start to lose it when the next person you ask does the damn head wobble. Is it a freaking yes or a no? I won't ever know. With the dirt and dust clinging to my skin, still profoundly sweating from the humidity, I cursed under my breath. The superb chicken biryani I had for lunch made me feel a bit better. I was glad arranging my Indian tourist visa didn't take too long. Hurriedly took the next train to Mirissa, a beach destination known for whale sightings, after a chaotic afternoon in Colombo.

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