03 Sep 2014

Sri Lanka: South Coast by gofargetlost


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Fishing is big business in Tangalle. You see a lot of colourful boats moored off in tranquil harbours. I've been told that these are the kind of vessels they use to illegally enter to Australia. I wouldn't charter the rough open seas with a wooden ramshackle ship but I guess some of us don't have a choice. Tourism on this side of the south is low key. It felt like we were the only ones around which is a shame because the waters here are way better than the ones I've seen so far in Sri Lanka. I will start heading up north soon; away from the beaches, humid weather and irritating sand at last.

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Arriving in Tangalle late in the afternoon meant that we only had a few hours left to witness the sunset on top of Mulkirigala Rock Temple. We decided that hiring a scooter would be the quickest way to get there. The temple is 20 minutes away from Tangalle and getting there was just as much fun. We passed through sleepy towns, lush paddy fields and one dodgy traffic officer who decide to make a quick buck off us (for not wearing helmets, which was reasonable). Clambering up the 300 temple steps as soon as we arrived, we just got in time for the golden hour.