30 Aug 2014

Sri Lanka: South Coast by gofargetlost


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Beach places were never my thing. But Mirissa just has this perfect vibe that beckons you to kick back, dip your toes in the sand, down a couple of cold ones and forget about anything else. I've met a couple who planned to travel all over Sri Lanka for 30 days but ended up staying in Mirissa for the entire duration of your trip! Maximum relaxation. With the monsoon winds coming in, the tropical heat is bearable. Gentle waves continue to crash the shores slowly creeping up in the sand to splash a bit of the cool sea water on my feet. I think I'm ready for a swim.

Star 2


Dewmina's Roti house is rumoured to make the best rotis in all of Sri Lanka. The restaurant is hidden inland, away from the beach. I met the owner and watched her make my egg, cheese and vegetable roti. Also met up with an Australian couple (Why is everybody traveling in pairs these days?) who told me that this was their favourite place to eat in the island. My roti was indeed very good. So good that I had to order another plate.