05 May 2015

Amsterdam by abbieredmon


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After a late wake-up (I didn't get home from my movie the night before until midnight -- so late for me!), I had a leisurely breakfast, packed my things in preparation for my evening flight, and headed out for my last day in Amsterdam.

I did some half-hearted shop-browsing before popping into Pancakes! Amsterdam at a very convenient time -- they had room for one, and I didn't have to wait (the occasional benefits of solo travel!). Usually, the line for the place extends down the sidewalk. It's a bit touristy, but I do love a good pancake, and this place offers a gluten-free one! Mine came with bananas, apples, and strawberries, and smeared in raspberry jam.

It was sinful, and I felt a jolt from the sugar immediately, which propelled me for at least a couple of hours before I was famished again. #fastmetabolism

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After my pancake, the thunderclouds started gathering, so I took the opportunity to step into the House of Bols, a museum about the Bols family and their famous genever and liqueur brand.

It's a short but sweet tour, with some interesting bits. Apparently the gin-making enterprise in the U.K. originated with some folks trying to emulate the production of genever. Having just recently been on the Plymouth Gin Distillery tour and learnt of its history, this was especially interesting to me.

Your entrance ticket entitles you to a cocktail and two tastings at the end, all of which I employed fully.

As I collected my coat to leave the building, the cheery hostess at the front desk assured me I had missed a very dark and stormy 90 minutes whilst I was inside the museum -- timing FTW.

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I wandered without a general purpose back in the direction of my AirBnB, popping into a few shops along the way.

Of note:

Doing Goods

I didn't buy anything, although a few items tempted me greatly. I already had the etching to contend with on the plane, which was rather hugely packaged given the contents.

Really, I was just whiling away the time until it was acceptable for me to eat again. I feel like I spent most of my last day in Amsterdam just eating.

My final meal was a triumph, though: a gluten-free bagel with chicken, avocado, pesto, and pine nuts -- OH MY.

In fact, it was so good, I got another bagel to go: this one with bananas and cinnamon. I should feel guilty about that, but the thing is, I just don't.

(I ate the second bagel while waiting for my flight in the airport. On a legit prop plane. Hooray, budget airlines!)