17 Jul 2014

PNW: Coastal by abbieredmon


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A friend from New York, Heidi, happens to be in Portland this week, too, so we took a drive out to Astoria to catch golden hour at the Peter Iredale shipwreck on the beach near Fort Stevens State Park.

We were lucky -- not only did we have some amazing clouds and colors in the sky, but the misty fog also started to roll in as the sun sank toward the ocean.

The shipwreck is awesome. It's been lodged in the sand here since 1906, when a storm pushed it ashore when it was trying to sail into the entrance to the Columbia River.

There is some awesome grass up on the dunes that looked really dreamy as the sun was setting.

I also made the pretty dumb decision to try some free-lensing on a windy beach, but I got one snap that's kind of close to what I'm looking for, so that was fun. Definitely want to try more of that soon!