8:30 pm

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Second leg of the journey and I am finally on to London. Remind me to never again go on American Airlines. This is probably one of the oldest planes I have been on. I know it sounds snobby but I just wasn't expecting it and this is a long enough flight where the plane can make a difference.

Sometimes it's a miracle for me to see how I pass a several hours in a flying metal tube. We have about 5 hours to go on this flight and I'm hoping I can sleep, I am just not sure if this is possible. In Austin, I bought an expensive ass neck pillow, but it has definitely been worth it. It's a memory foam one. It's got so many thoughtful things on it, it's crazy. Normally during a flight I don't read the in flight magazines, but when I pulled out the magazine I saw Chris Evans and I had to stare at the pictures and read the article. Yeah, I did drool a bit. It was pretty damn awesome pre-sleep reading. I see good dreams in my future.

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