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Earlier in the week Daniel and Dylan had been going on and on about Bradley Cooper being in London. For some reason I had it in my head that they were saying that he is playing in a band. I did not realize that they meant that he brought The Elephant Man to London until I walked with them to the theatre. So when we got to the the theatre, I figured I'd go with them.

I knew nothing about the play. I wanted to be surprised. Our seats were at the top most part of the theatre. We were so far up that to get to our seats we had to go through a separate door to get to our seats!

Overall I felt that the play was good, but it was a play I would not see again. Bradley Cooper was the Elephant Man and he did an excellent job with the physicality of the character. He was the Elephant Man but with no make up or prosthetics. He had to contort his body and face the entire time. It was a good performance. Patricia Clarkson, one of my favorite actresses, was in the play as well. I thought she did an excellent job. They had good performances but I think the play itself was weak. Maybe that's what stops me from saying that I loved it.

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