2:00 pm

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After my meeting, I finally meet up with Rachel who had been waiting at the Leinster Arms down the street from the hotel. I'm so happy she is here! She took the train all the way from Oxford too. I want to keep thing low key so we decide to do a picnic with food and cookies from Mark and Spencers. After we grab coffee from Costa Coffee and walk to Kensington Park to sit down near the water to enjoy our lunch and talk.

I wanted to go back the V&A to check out the free exhibit and see the other parts of the V&A. We realized that there was an FA Cup being played between Arsenal and Aston Villa in the afternoon, which would be followed by the Copa del Rey between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. I decided that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to watch two good matches and hang out with Rachel and Fez. Boom there was the plan.

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