11:00 am

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Coffee in hand, we got in the Jeep and headed to Sausalito for breakfast. We went through Berkley which looked awesome. I'm don't think we'll have time to explore it more thoroughly on this short trip so I'm glad we at least got a driving tour of it.

Eventually we made it to Sausolito which is just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. We had breakfast at a place right on the water called The Trident. The food was nothing to write home about but the view was simply spectacular and made the stop there worth it. We ate outside hoping to see some sea lions. We saw some black thing off in the distance bopping up and down with the waves and decided that it was most definitely a sea lion. Success!

Speaking of success, the houses (more like mansion really) along the cliffs there were awesome. We looked them up online real quick and saw that they go for somewhere around 10 million buckaroos. We all decided that Maggie and Chris needed to buy one of them before the next time we're back.

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