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So ever since we went to Hawaii last summer I've been dreaming of Poke, which is sushi grade fish diced, marinaded, and served over warm rice. I figured San Francisco being as close to Hawaii as I'm gonna get in the foreseeable future and being such a seafood town would be a good place to look for this magical dish. The restaurant I found that sold it was kind of close by the Palace of the Arts, so I decided to Uber there first and then walk to the restaurant. The Palace was pretty cool and I guess I got there at a perfect time because there was barely anyone there. There was a couple laying down looking up right at the center of the dome, talking and laughing together. It looked like a perfect moment which I'm sure they'll always remember. Just being there felt like I was invading something very special so I fired off a couple of shots and made my way out.

After walking around the monument for another ten minutes or so I started to make my way to Pacific Catch through the Cow Hollow district. What an awesome little neighborhood that was, with an old movie theater and lots of shops, bars, and restaurants lining up the streets.

Verdict on the Poke: a ton better than what I've had in DC, but not as good as what we had in Honolulu. And so the quest for great Poke outside of Hawaii continues.

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