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My cousin, Jose, moved to San Francisco at the beginning of the year to start a job at Twitter, so Sara and I met up with him for lunch and he showed us around the office. Unlike a lot of the tech companies which have their head quarters outside of the city and shuttle their employees in and and out, Twitter's HQ is located right in the center of the San Francisco financial district, which is a perk in and of itself, but there is oh so much more.

For starters, the average age of the people working there could not have been more than 30. This is in complete contrast to my office where in comparison I might as well say I work at a retirement home. There are two levels worth of cafeteria where everything is free; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not just for employees but for their visitors as well! And the food was actually good! What else? Oh let's see, they also had beer fridges and booze stations, free! Smoothly stations, free! DYI espresso and coffee and snack stations throughout the whole building, free! Lounge areas, completely open floor plans, Macs, nap pods, and apparently happy hours on the cafeterias..... Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

Let's just pretend for a hot second that I'm not totally jealous.

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