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San Francisco has the oldest and one of the biggest China Towns in the US, which makes sense when you think about it since it was the port of entry for people coming over from Asia. Naturally then the city is known for its great, authentic Chinese Food, and I love me some Chinese food! So that's what we did for my birthday dinner.

After some online research we settled on R&G Lounge because it was both close to our hotel and had been featured in No Reservations. Of course when we got there there was a massive line outside. The host told us it would be at least a 40 minute wait. We thought the fact that at least 60% of the people waiting were actually Chinese was probably a good sign, so we decided we'd wait. Lucky for us a lot of the people who were ahead of us were either not paying attention or had decided to go elsewhere because she called something like 10 parties in a row before us who didn't come up so we were seated in about 20 minutes.

We had the Salt and Pepper Scallops as an appetizer and they were simply fucking spectacular. Thinking back on it they probably set the bar too high for the other dishes to compete. We got a Steamed Crab (which was huge), Seafood Stir Fried Noodles, and the R&G Special Beef marinated in the "special secret" sauce. The noodles were actually pretty bomb, but the beef was just OK, and the Steamed Crab was no bueno. No worries though, the good dishes more than made up for the OK and bad ones. I would recommend this place to anyone and say that the line is worth the wait just for the scallops alone. They also have Salt and Pepper Calamari (as another appetizer) and Salt and Pepper Crab (as an entree) which I imagine are deep fried in the same amazing batter as the oysters.

We were too busy devouring our food to take any pictures.

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