4:00 pm

Star 1


We first visited the Marlton last week to grab drinks with a friend, who informed us that people hang out with their laptops during the day. Shortly after, we decided to return for an extended work sesh.

The lobby of the Marlton, a boutique hotel, is cozy and laid back. The decor includes plenty of homey touches, including oak paneled walls, retro furniture, and worn Persian rugs. To the right, there is a room with a registration desk, large table, couches and a small bar. To the left, there is a room filled with couches, small tables and an inviting fireplace. In the rear is a cafe with an old Parisian feel. Though the lighting is a bit dim, this is a great place to work — we felt comfortable spending a large part of our day here. Staff was very friendly too.

Wifi connection: A
Coffee: B
Outlets: Yes
Crowded: Moderate, on a Monday
Bottom line: As comfy as the Ace Hotel lobby, minus the scene.

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