19 Jun 2014

Coffices by Dorothy


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This is another quaint boutique hotel to add to the list. The indoor sitting area is dark and cozy, just like the rest of them, plus there’s a small and intimate outdoor patio in the back. It was quiet during the afternoon, even into happy hour, which is a nice change from the Marlton (which has started to get too sceney). The one drawback to this place was that the waiter made it very clear that since we weren’t guests of the hotel, real guests would have priority over our table. He said this even while the place was empty. The guy was just doing his job, but still. Also, no photos allowed.

Wifi connection: B
Coffee: Did not try
Outlets: Not sure, will check back
Crowded: No
Bottom line: Best to swing by on a quiet weekday, when it’s empty.