23 Jul 2014

Coffices by Dorothy


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Looking for a change of scenery, we hopped onto the L train for an afternoon work sesh in Brooklyn. Located on Bedford Avenue, Black Brick is an unassuming cafe with plenty of seating and outlets. They serve up Stumptown coffee and a refreshing lemongrass iced tea. There’s also a roomy patio out back that makes you feel like you’re hanging out at a garage sale (in a good way). The staff is extremely friendly, the music is good, and the ambiance is relaxed.

Wifi connection: B-
Coffee: Did not try
Outlets: Plentiful
Crowded: Moderate, on Wednesday afternoon
Bottom line: Separated from the main drag of Williamsburg, this is a nice, quiet option.
Grab a bite: Rosamunde Sausage Grill is across the street.