27 Dec 2013

Coffices by Dorothy


Star 2


Melbourne is known as the coffee capital of Australia. Cafes are plentiful, and so far, the coffee we’ve had has been very good.

Unfortunately, most cafes do not offer wifi. At the cafes that do, we haven’t seen people with their laptops. Maybe it’s the holidays, or maybe it’s just not part of Australian cafe culture. Either way, we haven’t felt comfortable being on our laptops for an extended period of time.

This was the case at Ray — we came here because they have wifi, but just ended up having lunch. Only on our way out did I notice a guy in front using his laptop, which is why I am adding it to my coffice list.

From the outside, Ray looks like a total dive. Inside, the cafe is roomy, with a cozy, laid-back vibe. Though I can’t rate it as a coffice, the food and coffee were solid.

Star 0


Located on a mostly residential street, John Gorilla is a great place to catch up on some emails or hang out with a friend if you are in the area. The decor is quirky and colorful, with a turf-covered courtyard in the back. The fruit salad was delicious, and the staff was super friendly.

Wifi connection: A
Coffee: B+
Outlets: Yes
Crowded: No, on a Friday afternoon
Bottom line: If you are looking for a quiet cafe to spend a few hours, this is a good choice.