9:00 am

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6hrs difference in time from home. It doesn't sound like much at all. That is, until you experience it. It hit me harder than I thought it would.

I arrived to my place on Kauai at 9:30pm - basically 3:30am at home. After chatting with the house owners (got the room on AirBNB, I crashed around 11pm and was looking forward to a nice, long sleep.

Wrong. 4am the roosters started. 5am were more. I was up by 6am and witnessed the sun rise. The roosters certainly didn't help but the bigger reason was my body was just used to being up by then. I never sleep past 9:30 at home and according to my internal clock it was 12:30. So I kinda felt like crap.

None-the-less, I was in Hawaii. I shrugged it off with a killer outdoor shower and arrived promptly at breakfast at 7am with a view of the mountains.

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