30 Sep 2013

Kauai by ashimagery


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Got up. Still exhausted. Ate breakfast.

This is my final day here and while there are a couple places I won't get to see, I definitely wanted to visit Waimea Canyon. This part of Kauai is directly opposite of where I'm staying and while its only 50 miles away, it takes over 90 minutes due to the slow driving on the one main road.

Before going I checked the weather because its completely different around the island. The forecast was sunny and a 20% chance of rain. 1 hour into the trip I get a notification from the Weather app - Flash Flood warning in the area I'm in. I keep driving stopping along the way to take in the sights.

I arrive to the lookout point. I walk up. Downpour.

I waited for about 30 minutes before it slowed down and cleared up a bit. While I wasn't able to see the distances you normally can, I still got a stellar view. And the misty rain kind of added to the feeling of the images. None-the-less, I still got to see it and for that I'm thankful.