11 Jun 2015

London Redux by abbieredmon


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Well, I found myself in London yet again. I'm getting to know this city fairly well!

Some family was visiting (their first time abroad!), so I went up to London for a couple of nights to see them. I arrived in the afternoon, and joined them for a stroll across Hyde Park. The weather was beautiful -- sun and warmth!

My aunt really wanted to see the Elfin Oak at the west end of Hyde Park, and that's something I didn't even know existed. It's a 900-year-old oak "tree." I say "tree" because it's really just a stump (no branches or leaves), but it is pretty cool. There are elves and animals and creatures carved into it and painted. Pretty awesome, actually! They've put a roof over the tree so rainwater won't biodegrade it faster than necessary.

After we left Hyde Park, we found ourselves on an accidental walk down Millionaire's Row / Embassy Row. We'd already taken a couple of irreverent pictures by the time we saw the sign prohibiting photography. Whoops :)