13 Jun 2015

London Redux by abbieredmon


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So, the highlight of this last-minute trip up to London for me was seeing the QUEEN!

Saturday was the Trooping the Colour ceremony, which celebrates the Queen's birthday -- it's actually in April, but they celebrate it in June in hope of less rainy weather. The Queen rides down the Mall from Buckingham Palace to the Horse Guards Parade, where they do some intricate ceremony involving flags and a lot of marching around and horses. We stood along the Mall (instead of at the end), which is how we were able to see her so close up.

After an hour of waiting patiently as hoards and hoards of the Household Cavalry came by in their red jackets and tall black hats...

there she was! the Queen!

We also saw Kate, Prince Harry, Prince Phillip, and possibly Camilla, too.

But the Queen! We were only about 30 feet away from her -- it was crazy! And look how adorable she is in that carriage.

Definitely the highlight. And such a surprise!