19 Jun 2015

West Iceland by adamandheather


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The foot of Kirkjufell ("Church Mountain") crawls with amateur photographers (such as us) at all times of the day. The mountain has been photographed so many times, by so many talented photographers, in so many dramatic lighting conditions, that we didn't have much new to bring to the table on our brief trip through.

Except for ourselves, of course.

But we still managed to get some stories out of it. Heather wandered through a marsh to a pond to get some reflections of the mountain. Along the way, an Arctic Tern popped straight up out of the grass like a ninja, squawking in alarm. Soon there were 3 terns circling around her, screaming and diving. She held in there and managed to get some shots without getting hit.

In some walking areas in Iceland, you can find warning signs that feature only the silhouette of an Arctic Tern. Anyone who's encountered one would consider it warning enough.