8:30 am

Star 2


Things said by the Swiss man who hiked into our fjord late last night:

"I passed your Austrian friends. They want me to tell you that the way from Hornvik to Hlöðuvik is open. We crossed three days ago."

"The pass is a bit tricky, because you will not cross in the usual place. Do you have a GPS? I can give you the coordinates."

"You must find this ridge here, then slowly walk down until you can see the path below, across the snowfield. You won't be able to see it from the top."

"Your map doesn't look the same as mine."

"You must be careful when you come over the snow, because if you're too far north, then you come out over the cliff."

"Are you sure that your GPS doesn't support coordinates in Decimal Minutes?"

"Some of the snow bridges over the rivers are getting unstable. It would really be a shame to fall in."

"Do you have binoculars?"


"Really good eyesight?"

So it sounds like the pass is open, but that's according to a man from Switzerland. Switzerland is all mountains.

We'll find out in about 3 days time when we get to that mountain pass. Until then, we'll have plenty of time to worry about it. Today we tackle our first mountain pass: Hafnarskarð.

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