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The fog is so thick, and the snow fields so long, that by the time we reach the top of the pass the only things that can be seen are your partner and a set of footprints leading uphill into oblivion.

Hornstrandir consists of several fjords, each unique. Traveling from one to another means traversing the mountains in between. Our itinerary includes visits to 5 of them.

As we begin our first mountain crossing, we see that the slopes are covered by clouds, just as they were yesterday. The trail is marked by cairns (tall stacks of rocks) that guide the way at intervals of about 100 meters. The first few miles are clear, and we can see pretty well back into Veiðileysufjörður, even though we can't see the upper parts of the slope we're climbing. Some small snowfields bridge streams, and we cross them cautiously.

Several hours in, we begin to lose visibility as we enter the clouds. The snowfields grow in size, until we feel as if we're walking from rocky island to rocky island across ever-extending patches of snow.

Before long, the fog is so thick that we cannot see the next islands at all. In some areas, only the footprints of our Swiss and Austrian friends are visible to guide us.

No sky, no ground, no rocks, no markers, no other people.

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