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Star 2


Steinþór was a respected man in Hornvik. The residents often turned to him to resolve disputes.

One day, he was walking in the valley and encountered a polar bear. Because he didn't have his atgeir (a weapon that resembles a spear with an axe blade), he climbed this standur (a free-standing rock formation). The polar bear circled the base of the rock, waiting for its chance.

His wife saw what was happening, fetched his atgeir from their home, and rushed to the standur. When she got close, the bear turned his attention to her. Steinþór rushed down to his wife, grabbed the atgeir, and slew the bear just as it reached them.

-- As told to me by the park ranger. "It has kind of a Hollywood ending," he added, "and polar bears rarely make it down here. We had them in 1963, 1972, and 2011."

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