12:00 pm

Star 1


We've been dreading this moment for days. If this pass is too difficult, we'll have to make 3 other passes to get around it, and probably change our itinerary altogether in order to make it to our boat pickup on time.

We inch up to the top of the rocky ridge at the top of the pass, craning our necks for a clear view. Then we pause, turn to each other, and just begin laughing.

We can't believe that we had gotten so worked up about this.

From a rocky ridge at the top, we see a short, high path leading to a 5-meter snowfield crossing, ending in the main path leading downhill.

Yeah, it's steep. Yeah, it's gravelly in some places. Yeah, if you slip and fall, you might just keep going. But it's manageable, and we've been through worse. The anxiety earlier in the season must have come from a steep, icy showpack, which would be scary indeed. Several days of clear, sunny weather turned that ice to slush and made the crossing relatively easy.

After taking stock, we breathe sighs of relief and take a very long break while enjoying the incredible view.

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