2:30 pm

Star 3


One last pass to tackle. This time we're going to Hesteyri, where we'll have our boat pickup tomorrow. With the extra day we spent in Hlöðuvík enjoying the nice weather, we have to skip seeing the western end of the peninsula. It gives us an excuse to return.

These passes are starting to get routine, but the cloudless skies bring an absolutely unrelenting sun, and keeping your temperature regulated can be difficult. When the air is calm, it feels quite warm, but the breezes are strong and, since they blow over snowfields, can be chilly.

On the final leg of the descent to Hesteyri, we encounter an enormous snowfield. It stretches down the hill, and increases in steepness, such that we can't even see the middle section. It takes about 30 minutes of slow effort to safely descend, but with the soft marsh at the bottom, we wonder if sliding down would really be so bad.

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