5:00 pm

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"Our projection rig is portable, so we can show the films anywhere," explains one of the festival organizers. "We can show them in the church, in historic buildings. We are even thinking of showing them on the fishing boats as they sail to Drangsnes and back!"

An unexpected discovery: A German group is organizing a film festival in the tiny town of Hólmavík in August, and today they're screening films as a preview.

"We want to learn what kinds of films people here like, what kinds of things they are interested in," explains one of the organizers. She radiates energy and enthusiasm for the project. "It's a way to start a deeper conversation with people by engaging them in a different way."

Today they're screening three short films in Hólmavík's auditorium, a beautiful old building with a windowless, barrel-vaulted interior. It's a cultural event on the frontier and carries a risky excitement: will it work?

Complimentary potato chips are served with coffee.

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