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We climbed in a few different spots during the week.

First was a long multi-pitch route with a tedious 3-mile walk-in near Carnedd Llewelyn, north of the A5.

One bright spot during the hike in was the BRAND-NEW lamb baa-aa-a-ing loudly for its mother by the side of the trail at one point. It was adorable. And mama sheep answered back dutifully until the pair found each other in the tall grass.

We had AWESOME weather for the day -- the best of the entire week. Sunshine, warmth, dare I say even... heat?

The climb was nice -- not too difficult, but varied enough to be interesting for the 5-6 pitches it took to climb it.

After we reached the top, a pair of sheep wandered by, and we followed them toward the descent trail until they wandered off. The scramble down from this one was horrible; I’m convinced we veered off the actual descent trail at some stage. It was steep scree and very little terra firma. Gnats everywhere.

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