22 Jun 2015

Wales by abbieredmon


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We went to Wales to climb in Snowdonia.

Our campsite for the week was at the north end of Llyn Gwynant (“llyn” meaning “lake”), and it was a pretty scenic spot, if overrun by gnats whenever there wasn’t a strong enough breeze.

It's a HUGE campsite -- it wasn't crowded at all for most of the week, but on Friday, people started showing up in hoards.

During the time we were there, several different "D of E" groups of kids came through. In the U.K., high school-aged kids can complete something called Duke of Edinburgh, which means they camp and walk around in the countryside for 4 or 5 days [hopefully] learning some skills and learning to appreciate the outdoors. Then they get a medal and a certificate or something, supposedly presented by a member of the royal family.

Anyway, some of the views around the lake were really pretty. I liked our chosen campsite.